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Panorama Printing

Custom Printing

All Panorama prints are custom printed in my studio, using archival printers and papers. Size variations in the original files are not compatible with the default print sizes available through Bay Photo direct ordering. Panorama Print sizes vary depending on the aspect ratio of the overall print. They may range from 10" x 36" to 16"x 50" and everywhere in between. That being said they are never less than 10 inches in height and will vary in length.  Prints will last many generations if placed under glass and away from direct sunlight.

All images that are less than 36 inches in length can be matted using a regular size sheet of matt board; those that are over 36 inches in length will require oversized matt board to provide adequate matt margins when framing your print. Below each image the sizes (S)mall, (M)edium, (L)arge) indicate whether the image can be printed at those sizes.

• Prints 36" in length or less (small): $135.00

• Prints greater than 36" and less than 42" (medium): $175.00

• Prints greater than 42" in length (large): $250.00

Add $10.00 to the above prices for shipping costs.

To order a pan print send an email to:

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