My greatest source of inspiration is drawn from the natural world, through discovery of the extraordinary in the ordinary, while playing at the intersections of Aqua and Terra.

It began with a little black box from which an odorous square of paper slipped with a whir into my hand. An image shape shifted onto the paper and I was hooked. At the age of ten this made quite an impression and the magic has yet to fade.

As a fisheries biologist, much of my career was spent chasing the elusive tail of salmon recovery in Northeast Oregon, as a photographer, I’ve been fumbling towards light most of my life. The desire to take my camera below the liquid line was hatched in the Lostine River of Northeast Oregon. It came as the result of fisheries field work that required me to snorkel various sections of the river to collect juvenile Chinook salmon for a species recovery program. While the passionate journey of Pacific salmon facilitated my entry into the world Below the Liquid Line, once there, the drama of fresh water environments became a sirens call I could scarcely resist. Crunching data, a necessary function for any biologist, hints at the miracle returning each year, however observing the dynamic interactions occurring within the liquid lanes that salmon travel, gave me a richer understanding and a large degree of sanity behind my desk.

Below the Liquid Line and Through the Lens, I catch glimpses of life seldom seen; a willing witness to the drama of courtship, bad choices and more.

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